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Online orders for t-shirt prints

For any online order you wish, but also to see specifically the products of the category you are interested in, visit our e-shop pages.

Prints on T-shirts

Get your own t-shirt, with the print that suits you and makes you feel really unique. Choose a favorite design, a slogan that expresses you, a funny motto or a photo from your mobile and print them on high quality t-shirts.

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In the store there is a large sample book of designs,but also the ability to find a design online. With the use of the most modern machines, very good quality print or digital printing is performed.

Print on anything cotton or fabric. Our t-shirts are of exceptional quality weighing 150 grams, while you have to choose from a variety of colors t-shirts. Sizes start from one year short sleeves up to 4XL or even bigger. For babies, white 100% cotton baby bodies are available, starting from 0-3 months and ending up to 18 months. In addition, the women’s design in the short sleeve that exists in our store is of unique design and beauty, also in all sizes.
  • In the sweatshirts you can also choose a variety of colors, while in the sizes they start from 4 years old and reach up to 2XL. Υπάρχουν φούτερ με κουκούλα και φούτερ χωρίς κουκούλα, με τσέπη και χωρίς.
  • The cardigans are three-stranded, have zippers and a hood, are available in many colors and sizes up to 3XL.

We are printing Masks as Well

Printing can also be done on face masks with the design of your choice. A stamp can be made on your own mask in addition to the ones we have in the store. In-store masks have the ability to close tightly around the nose with a wire. They are cotton and we have several colors.

Indicative prices:
… Printing on your own t-shirt, from 4 €!
… Printing on a t-shirt of the store, from 10 €!
… Special prices for more pieces!

Our great experience, modern machines and good mood guarantee the best result!

Sport Shirts with Stamps

Want to feel like a famous team player for a while? Then get your own sports t-shirt with your own name or that of your child printed on the back! Create your own personal sports attire in the colors you desire and share special father & son or father & daughter moments!

Ability to print more pieces for children’s or adult sports teams. Contact us for more information.

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